Angie Zoric


Chief Executive Officer &

Website Designer and Developer


Hi, I’m Angie and I am a graduate of Hillbrook School and I am a freshman at Saint Francis High School! I love working with younger kids; I am a math tutor at Fast Track Learners, junior summer swim coach for PASA (Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics), a cello teacher at Quarantunes, and a camp counselor at Hillbrook School. I look forward to sharing my love of language to others and teaching young students! 


You can read more about me and why I started Language Connect here!

Edward Sha

Chief Advisor


My name is Edward, and I am a rising sophomore at Lynbrook High School. In my free time, I like to sing, cook, and hangout with my friends. I have only been learning French for about a year, but I took French 2 over this past summer. Excited to work with you guys!

Shravya Raghava

Katarina Bjegovic

Chief Communications Officer


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Hi, I’m Shravya Raghava, but I go by Vya. I’m a freshman and Saint Francis, a swimmer and a cross-country runner, and a viola player. I’m a huge fan of horror movies and roller coasters, and I love hanging out with friends. I’m so excited to be a part of the Language Connect teams and I look forward to meeting anyone who’s interested in learning a language!

Hi, my name is Katarina and I am an incoming junior at Los Gatos High School! I love biking and playing competitive volleyball for my school and club. I can’t wait to start tutoring and hopefully help people learn new languages!

Paulina Chin-Wong

Public Relations

profile - P CW.jpeg

Hi! My name is Paulina Chin-Wong, and I am currently a student at Lynbrook High School. Often times you will find me practicing my ballet technique, but when I get the chance I enjoy other activities apart from ballet. These activities included but are not limited too: photography, editing, reading, writing blog posts, sewing, designing, teaching, and volunteering within my community. As for my language experience, I am a native English speaker, am learning Japanese since the 7th grade, and have been a member of Lynbrook's Japanese National Honors Society since my freshman year. Additionally, I have also dabbled in other languages over the years such as French and Mandarin. I am so excited to be working with Language Connect and cannot wait to share my knowledge of numerous languages with you all!

Athina Volar

International Publicist


Hi, I'm Athina Volar! I am Romanian, but I was born in Mallorca, Spain. I love to play tennis :) I am excited to help children be able to learn Spanish because it is a great language and it is a great experience!

Mika Swanson


Zoe Swanson

Chief Advisor

Hi! My name is Zoe Swanson. I am a part-time student at my local highschool and at Stanford online. I play tennis and occasionally ski. I love to read and hang out with my friends. I’m excited to work with Language Connect because I love helping others.

Hello, my name is Mika Swanson. I am an incoming freshman at Stanford Online High School. I am a competitive tennis player and I love to bake desserts. I am extremely excited to be a part of Language Connect because I believe learning another language is extremely beneficial to a person’s life and can be incredibly life changing in a positive way.